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Collaborating over the three C’s

Card, Conversation & Commitment 

A User story is as simple as 3 C’s

  • Card
  • Conversation
  • Confirmation


An invitation to have a conversation
To understand the who,’ what,’ why’ of the story


This is the gold; where the Product owner & the team discuss & confirm the customer requirements, the problem & review options.  Documentation may be produced. Shared understanding is the required outcome. 


All parties perform relevant completeness acceptance tests for the card to satisfy acceptance criteria & definition of done. Product Owner confirms Card to be DONE

The Card progresses based on movement through the 3 C’s

The Given-When-Then formula is a template intended to guide the writing of acceptance tests for a User Story:
  • (Given) some context
  • (When) some action is carried out
  • (Then) a particular set of observable consequences should obtain