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Effective Agile Stationery

BeautifulAgile was born out of a combined love of stationery, Agile, lean start-up, helping people and solving problems. BeautifulAgile offers simply clever, highly pragmatic, well-thought out, systemised tools, tips, resources and consulting services.

Visualise, Measure & Improve

Years of Agile-wisdom baked into every card.

Learn and Grow

Lean start-up and Agile consulting Expertise to help at every step of your journey.

Deliver More Effectively

Clever Toolkits, Resources and Tips for you to stay organised, replenished and clear on the main game.


We’ve all been there, trying to look and stay organised while scrambling for what we need at the bottom of a handbag or a cardboard box. The BeautifulAgile team hears you! We’ve created a range of toolkits to support you today and anticipate your needs tomorrow. Our subscription-based offer will help you even more, saving you time and leg-work, allowing you to focus on what coaches do best (coming soon)


Whether you’re agile novices or you’re living the Manifesto, BeautifulAgile customised card systems, storyboards, toolkits, tips and consultants can help. Become better organised, continuously improve and deliver effortlessly in a more beautifully productive way.


Kids can kanban. Families can self-organise. If you’re like many of us, mornings can be mayhem, evenings can stretch into night and feelings can become strained. The same principles of collaboration, accountability, transparency, open feedback and visualisation systems can be applied in homes to create happier families.

What’s different about our Agile wisdom cards?

With BeautifulAgile Agile-Wisdom cards, the Thinking AND the Doing have been done for you. Years of experimenting with physical cards has resulted in hours and hours of time being saved for you. It generally takes between 3 and 5 minutes to complete a system card fully. Because of all of the Agile-wisdom in the BeautifulAgile cards, you can divert all of that saved time onto higher order items (you still need to write the epics, stories, tasks & the details to enable metrics-driven performance) but we’ve done the rest. Yay Us!!You’ll also see Agile-wisdom in the way you can use the cards.  We hope you’ll love this feature as much as we do!

The power of Visualising your work


Continuously improving BeautifulAgile Agile-wisdom cards

Continuously improving BeautifulAgile Agile-wisdom cards

The essence of BeautifulAgile is continuous improvement-continuously improving the form and function of all of some of the great stationery, tool...
Toolkits, tips and training

Toolkits, tips and training

To help people understand, experiment, validate and solve problems.
Collaborating over the three C’s

Collaborating over the three C’s

A User story is as simple as 3 C’s: Card, Conversation, Confirmation.
Delivering More Effectively

Delivering More Effectively

The team behind BeautifulAgile have been systematically loving it into existence for years. Working with people-driven processes, using lean st...
Why use Agile-wisdom cards and visual management?

Why use Agile-wisdom cards and visual management?

Why not use digital tools to capture and measure workflow to get to Done? 


Agile-wisdom cards have helped us better structure our kanban wall and keep the team focused on the most important tasks. And, made it really easy to visualise what's blocking our progress so we follow up and don't let tasks drag on and on.

Kelsey Rowe, Greensync

The structured story cards have really supported newcomers to agile in adapting to new ways of working, and re-inforcing the right disciplines for the broader team. As well as looking great they're also saving us time by keeping the focus on the right things.

Jonathan Milton

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