More products launching shortly

Toolkits, tips and training

BeautifulAgile is a small team who live and think in colour and movement. Our products reflect:
  • boundless energy for improvement
  • single-tasking to solve problems (for a customer, team, business or family)
  • agile, lean start-up and delivery expertise 
  • enthusiasm for sharing learning of the world in which we live and work
We’ve been busy creating products to help people be more beautifully productive. The BeautifulAgile Product List will continue growing with lots more coming soon.  

The workflow workhorse of the range is the Agile-wisdom cards


BeautifulAgile Agile-wisdom cards
What’s different about these cards?
7 x Agile-wisdom cards in 6 colours 
Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green
  • large
  • medium 
-Thick white cards with coloured & grey highlights 
-250gsm & 350gsm to ensure that sharpies & markers don’t bleed through
-Unlined because testing showed unlined cards accommodate for diverse writing styles and enabled drawing
-Colour is used for context and different types of work
-Distinct spacing for combinations of:
Epic, Story/Task, Who’s accountable, Size, Priority, Blocker, Start & End Date, Description, Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Done
-Unique double-sided style, designed to halve the time of managing movement of definition of done’ & acceptance criteria’ flow cards
Because Agile-wisdom cards have all of the sections on the cards you would ever need. So, you don’t need to spend your time doing that.  This means you save time repeating a low-level task.  And you can channel more of your time into solving the problem or progressing a solution.  
7 x plain cards in 6 colours 
Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green
  • large
  • medium, landscape
  • medium, portrait
  • small
Plain cards have been created too in 4 sizes to support different requirements.  
Agile-wisdom cards in Black and White
  • large
  • medium
There’s always a case for black and white to cut through the rainbow of colour, so these are available too.  We see these being used for tasks. 
We’ve done lots of testing on our cards but everything is learning and an ongoing experiment.  So, please take the time to tell us what you think 

Delivering More Effectively

The team behind BeautifulAgile have been systematically loving it into existence for years. Working with people-driven processes, using lean start-up and agile to solve customer problems is a pretty good day job.  Combining that with a lifelong love of beautiful stationery; the joy of the right notebook; and the power of a good poster to simplify complexity - and the BeautifulAgile dream is alive.  
We’re committed to creating simply clever, pragmatically purposeful tools, resources and tips to help you be beautifully productive, whatever your day.

A few of our products….

Tell-your-story-drawing Storyboards
What’s special about this Storyboard book?
Storyboards are important in visual thinking, planning and experimentation.  
- A4 50 page Storyboards books
6 panels and space for descriptions
- 250gsm paper, thick enough so that Sharpies & markers don’t bleed through
Agile-wisdom Toolkits 
and subscription model, coming soon
Agile-wisdom toolkits

‘I’m sorted’
‘I love agile’  
- Complete with all of the agile stationery needs anyone could want
- Subscription model to replenish stock on a regular basis        (coming soon)
Team collaboration aids  
Everything is sweeter with something to share
Agile pills to hasten recovery from past methodologies
‘Tell your own story’ fantails
‘Having a moment’ minties
‘Tic-tacing between options’ tic tacs
‘Agile is bliss’ bliss balls
- Agile Pills, Lollies and Bliss Balls in glass jars
We all need reminders of what good looks like
Agile-wisdom-for-the-wall posters are a series of learning support materials for new teams and old
- Posters to support a learning environment, providing suggestions   of things to try.  
- Posters support self-organising teams to share and learn together
Agile and Lean start-up consulting
Learn from experts who’ve learned on the job
Engage a team of experts to help you wherever you are on your journey
BeautifulAgile people know what they’re on about because they’ve made all of the mistakes at least once before.
Pragmatic, immediately usable tools and convertible wisdom is imparted in our sessions.  You’ll be glad of the experience.