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Agile-Wisdom Cards

Agile-Wisdom Cards

BeautifulAgile Agile-Wisdom cards have been created after years of time in the bit-mines. They capture everything you need - and nothing more. These cards guide newly-forming teams to capture great epics, features & stories.  And for more seasoned campaigners, they work as a good reminder of what to capture to help teams focus on what to track.  

The simply clever design of the card supports teams in being highly (doubly) productive. The cards help teams focus their thinking on story content rather than remembering what the instructional elements they need to remember. No more blu-tac getting in the way of key content. You don’t need to turn cards or remove them from the wall to read acceptance criteria. The design does that for you! 

What’s different about our Agile-wisdom cards? Take a Look then take them to work for you

There are several designs to capture what’s more or less important to you, all available in large or medium sizes.
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