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Design 2 | Agile-Wisdom Cards
Design 2 | Agile-Wisdom Cards

Design 2 | Agile-Wisdom Cards

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$20 / pack of 100 cards

Each pack contains:

100 x 250gsm double cards of the following 6 colours: 
Pink | Blue | Green | Light Pink | Yellow | Purple

Cards are available in Large or Medium 

Large 152 x 102mm 
Medium 127 x 76mm  

Design 2

Front: Epic | Story/task | Who | Start Date | End Date | Days blocked | Size | Priority | (Low, Medium, High) | ID | Blocker  


Back: Acceptance criteria - Given | When | Then 

Double-sided cards are twice as good.  Agile-Wisdom Cards support new & more mature teams to capture & focus on the right things. Save time with these cards because of their simply clever design. Using the ‘Given, When, Then’ Acceptance Criteria is a means of testing stories. By establishing your test criteria before you do the work, you’re making sure you clarify the intent & the approach & know how you’re going to assess success. This approach comes from Behaviour-Driven-Development (BDD). 

Why you’d use Agile cards: Being able to visualise your work is powerful.  Capturing goals, outcomes & a delivery plan in achievable components helps people see, feel & track progress. Some teams use post-its but these aren’t as durable & you can’t use them as notes in the future.

How to use Agile Cards: Follow the descriptors on the cards to capture core information. Stick, pin or blu-tack Agile-Wisdom cards to a board or wall and easily lift to review Acceptance criteria or Definition of Done.

Learn more about the power of Agile-Wisdom Cards: How to run an Agile meeting

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