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Pragmatic, productive people, insanely curious about the world, constantly tinkering to make it better.

We’re a small team who live and think in colour and movement. 

Our goal is to create toolkits, tips and training to help people understand, experiment, validate and solve problems. 

Our products reflect:
  • our boundless energy for improvement
  • single-tasking to solve problems (for a customer, team, business or family)
  • agile, lean start-up and delivery expertise 
  • enthusiasm for sharing learning of the world in which we live and work.
People who know Principal founder, Penelope Barr, attribute these same qualities to her.  Penelope has been working for 25+ years in digital and technology global leadership and delivery roles in start-ups, not-for-profits, government and listed companies.  She has a bias for the transparency of visual management.
Penelope started BeautifulAgile at the urging of others. For years, Penelope has been creating her own agile system cards, posters and collateral to support learning and collaboration; to encourage feedback through more effective visualisation of progress; and to enable simple, pragmatic metrics. After scouring the marketplace and finding there was nothing available to purchase, Penelope and team used lean start-up (including lots of feedback from many kind souls - thank you) to bring BeautifulAgile to life, eh voila!

We hope you enjoy using the BeautifulAgile products and experiences to support you, your teams and your families to be more beautifully productive.

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