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Design 3 | Agile-Wisdom Cards
Design 3 | Agile-Wisdom Cards

Design 3 | Agile-Wisdom Cards

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$20 / pack of 100 cards

Each pack contains:

100 x 250gsm double cards of the following 6 colours: 
Pink | Blue | Green | Light Pink | Yellow | Purple

Cards are available in Large or Medium 

Large 152 x 102mm 
Medium 127 x 76mm 

Design 3

Front: Epic | Story/task | Start Date | End Date | Size | Days blocked | Blocker |  Who | Priority | (Low, Medium, High) | ID 

Description - As a … I want …. So that ….

Back: Acceptance criteria - Given | When | Then 

Double-sided cards are twice as good.  Agile-Wisdom Cards support new & more mature teams to capture & focus on the right things. Save time with these cards because of their simply clever design.  This Design specifically targets User Stories, using a simple template ‘As a … I want… So that…’ This format speaks from a ‘persona’ perspective - the user, customer or person affected by the requirement. Following this formula enables teams to position the persona at the forefront of the work. 

This design also uses the ‘Given, When, Then’ Acceptance Criteria which is a means of testing stories. By establishing your test criteria before you do the work, you’re making sure you clarify the intent & the approach & know how you’re going to assess success.  This approach comes from Behaviour-Driven-Development (BDD).

Why you’d use Agile cards: Being able to visualise your work is powerful. Capturing goals, outcomes & a delivery plan in achievable components helps people see, feel & track progress. Some teams use post-its but these aren’t as durable & you can’t use them as notes in the future

How to use Agile Cards: Follow the descriptors on the cards to capture core information. Stick, pin or blu-tack Agile-Wisdom cards to a board or wall and easily lift to review Acceptance criteria or Definition of Done.

Learn more about the power of Agile-Wisdom Cards: How to run an Agile meeting

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