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Delivering More Effectively

The team behind BeautifulAgile have been systematically loving it into existence for years. Working with people-driven processes, using lean start-up and agile to solve customer problems is a pretty good day job.  Combining that with a lifelong love of beautiful stationery; the joy of the right notebook; and the power of a good poster to simplify complexity - and the BeautifulAgile dream is alive.  
We’re committed to creating simply clever, pragmatically purposeful tools, resources and tips to help you be beautifully productive, whatever your day.

A few of our products….

Tell-your-story-drawing Storyboards
What’s special about this Storyboard book?
Storyboards are important in visual thinking, planning and experimentation.  
- A4 50 page Storyboards books
6 panels and space for descriptions
- 250gsm paper, thick enough so that Sharpies & markers don’t bleed through
Agile-wisdom Toolkits
(and subscription model, coming soon)
Agile-wisdom toolkits
‘I’m sorted’
‘I love agile’  
- Complete with all of the agile stationery needs anyone could want
- Subscription model to replenish stock on a regular basis       (coming soon)
Team collaboration aids  
Everything is sweeter with something to share
Agile pills
‘Tell your own story’ fantails
‘Having a moment’ minties
‘Tic-tacing between options’ tic tacs
‘Agile is bliss’ bliss balls
- Agile Pills, Lollies and Bliss Balls in glass jars
We all need reminders of what good looks like.
Agile-wisdom-for-the-wall posters are a series of learning support materials for new teams and old; suggestions of things to try.  Posters support self-organising teams to share and learn together
- posters to support a learning environment