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‘Coach-of-the-Year’ Toolkit

‘Coach-of-the-Year’ Toolkit

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As a Coach, have you ever been left short? Have you wanted to help a team with something new but realised you didn’t have the key thing you needed? Have you dropped or taped up your cardboard box, carrying all of your essentials, one-too-many times? Well, with the Coach-of-the-Year Toolkit, you can set yourself apart. 3 layers of beautiful space to organise things your way. You can move the internal walls of each level to organise things your way. 

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Triple-layered, plastic carry-case container with internal, movable trays & removable dividers to help organise & re-organise BeautifulAgile stationery, your way. The carrycase is large enough to hold stationery for the whole team.  
  • 100 Large Agile-wisdom cards 
  • 50 Medium-landscape Agile-wisdom cards
  • 8 Sharpies - Monster, Slimline & standard
  • 1 x large blue or hot pink sandtimer (to keep stand-ups on track)
  • 16 multi-coloured tapes for beautifully visual kanban walls
  • Spaghetti string (to create walls)
  • 2 x rolls of coloured string (to manage dependencies)
  • 1 tape measure (for plotting & organising visual walls)
  • 1 x Scissors
  • 1 packet of Blu-tak
  • 5 x packets of sticky notes
  • 1 multi-coloured eraser
  • Blue & pink bulldog clips


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