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'Tell Your Own Story' - Fantales

'Tell Your Own Story' - Fantales

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Sweet Collaboration Tools - Tell Your Own Story - Fantales

Fantails are perfect for story-writing sessions and definitely help complete the task at hand.

Small Jar: 500g Fantales
Large Jar: 800g Fantales

Details: Everything is better when shared with a team.  
Enjoy thinking music for the mouth with BeautifulAgile’s Collaboration Tools. Whether you’re musing over an idea; perusing potential product prototypes; or evaluating experiments, BeautifulAgile Collaboration Tools can help.  

How to use: Shh! BeautifulAgile knows a secret. Some meetings aren’t as interesting or productive as they could be or should be. Use Collaboration Tools to sustain energy levels and keep the ideas flowing.  

Packaging: BeautifulAgile Collaboration Tools are 500 gram and 800 gram air-tight glass jars, designed to seal-in freshness

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