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‘Agile Lunch & Learn ’ ToolKit

‘Agile Lunch & Learn ’ ToolKit

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BeautifulAgile is highly focused on helping people visualise work.  The Agile Lunch & Learn Toolkit ideally caters to those people wanting to create their own walls or kanbans; providing the essentials tools to help get it beautifully done.

Dimensions Height 8cm x Width 8 cm x Length 15 cm

Hard-plastic container with internal tray helping to organise core BeautifulAgile stationery. 
  • 50 Large Agile-wisdom cards 
  • 25 Medium-landscape Agile-wisdom cards
  • 25 Medium-portrait Agile-wisdom cards
  • 5 Sharpies - Slimline & standard
  • 1 x egg-timer (to keep stand-ups on track)
  • Coloured tape for beautifully visual kanban walls
  • 1 tape measure (for plotting & organising visual walls)
  • 1 x Scissors
  • 1 packet of Blu-tak
  • 3 packets of sticky notes


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