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'Thinking Model' Poster

'Thinking Model' Poster

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Dimensions: A3 portrait poster

Paper stock: 200gsm shiny, happy, glossy paper 

Why you’d use this poster: Making information visible is an important communications practice in expediting learning for self-organising teams. Enabling reminders & guidelines, depicted as ‘Agile-wisdom-for-the-walls’ rather than having someone constantly remind or correct behaviours or practices, is a positive way to create the desired framework for learning & accepted practice.

Thinking Model

Think Differently to Work Differently.  You need to get set for change.  That’s where the Thinking Model comes in.  Trying to behave differently requires deliberate practice & if it’s to stick, ideally it’s grounded in purpose. The Thinking Model provides a framework for questioning the status quo & being intentional:

Why? Why do Anything? Be clear about intent, purpose, problem or opportunity

Who? Who’s involved? Who’s the customer, the stakeholders? Who stands to win or lose? Are you clear on all of the personas? Identify your ‘who’ as clearly as possible, & then get out of the building & meet them, using some design thinking techniques

What? In days gone by, this is where we’d start.  Get clear on scope, dimensions, time, budgets, problems to be solved by doing X experiments, to create Y prototypes, resulting in Z solutions - which must align to the problem or opportunity being investigated

How? Which methods, tools, techniques can optimally be applied to experiment & then deliver the desired outcomes.

When? It’s still the primary question people want answered - when am I going to get x? When is always dependent on a number of factors, primarily, all of the above…


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