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Agile Pills
Agile Pills

Agile Pills

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Agile Pills are delicious fun!

Contents: Skittles

You can choose from either of the following:
1x70ml bottle - $8
4x70ml bottle - $30
8x70ml bottle - $55 

Details Purchase pills for one, or if you think the whole team could do with a dose, purchase in packs of 4 or 8.

Delicious Agile Pills come packaged in an air-tight glass jar to seal-in freshness - if you can make the pills last that long!

Why use Agile pills? Becoming agile can be hard work. If only you could just pop a pill to make the changes required for you & your squads to learn and be everything you needed to be. Well, with BeautifulAgile Agile Pills, you can (or so it says on the jar). 

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